By: sifrim

Jul 01 2012

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Category: B&W, Street photography, Umbria


Focal Length:57mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 50D

The ladies in this shot stopped for a good while to chat in the middle of the crossroad. Well, no problem for the traffic, though. This was siesta time…


3 comments on “Chatting”

  1. Such a wonderful shot, Sorin. I envy the angled streets and older buildings in Europe – in Chicago, we have a straight-line grid, put in place after the great Chicago fire when the city burned to the ground (1871). I guess I should just consider that a challenge rather than a deficit.
    But this scene has so much in it – I love the shadows, the lines and contrasts, even the women are dark and light. Beautiful!

    • Thanks, Lois. Well, we all long for what we don’t have, I guess :). There are plenty of nice things about American cities. Much better organized.
      What I liked most on this scene were the two ladies staying there, in the middle of the street and nobody cared. It’s so typical for Italy…

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