Smart Phones and Patient Seagulls

By: sifrim

Apr 25 2012

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Category: B&W, Finland, Street photography


Focal Length:46mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 50D

Just in case…


4 comments on “Smart Phones and Patient Seagulls”

  1. Yes, seagulls are really patient. Amazing. I suspect that they are beggars. And their patience in this case are very selfish.

    I wish I could be in this moment. I would be so thrilled to see so many seagulls that I would take a very ordinary and boring photograph. You told a story about smart phones and patient seagulls and I love it very, very much.

    Sifrim, this photograph is great!

    Best spring wishes from Kaya.

    • You would go quickly over the first emotions, Kaya :). There are so many opportunities… It only takes patience and keeping eyes open. Thanks for the nice words.

  2. Awesome photo. Such tame birds.

    • Well, the competition is quite tough out there, with so many of them. So positioning well is very important in the race for food :). Thanks for stopping by.

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