The saga continues. This is one of the Mongolian team members and their sculpture in the makings. Eventually, they finished second.
Kodak T-Max 400 Pro 120mm film scanned.


2 comments on “Arch”

  1. Oi, I didn’t imagine that an ice sculpture can be so huge. And how can you keep the balance of your ice sculpture. Every little change in temperature and it can collapse.

    I wish I could wander in this “museum” of ice sculptures.

    Excellent photograph. I feel that I am following a story and I wonder what would be the next chapter.

    Sorin, please, forgive all my mistakes in English. English is my second language.

    • No worries, Kaya. Same here. But your English is just fine, I have no problems reading it. Well, boldness pays off, doesn’t it? No worries on the temperature, they worked on a -5 average temperature that week. I managed to catch a cold after just a few hours of wandering there, while they worked 3 days in those conditions….
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Appreciate it.

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