Merry Christmas!

Christmas is love, Christmas is joy, Christmas is happiness.
Merry Christmas!


4 comments on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Love the pure joy in this shot! Wow, and how cool are those locks in the background! Undying love, locked together…beautiful sentiment, and very appropriate for this time of year.

    P.S Do you know the story behind all those locks? I’m so intrigued now…

    • Thanks, JP. The couples fasten the initials engraved padlocks to the railings and then toss the keys into the Seine river below to symbolize their eternal love, goes the story. I believe this is a quite widespread practice. Even in Paris there are few bridges featuring the padlocks.

      • And I actually walked over those bridges in Paris, and while I did see them, I maybe didn’t register them at the time. How weird is that? I can’t believe how unobservant I am sometimes! Anyway, that’s a beautiful story, and tradition also. I’m such a sucker for tales like that, being a such a sentimental fool and all, lol.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know about that tradition, but I’m going to write it down so I remember. This inspires me to publish my description of Paris tomorrow (it’s the best place I’ve been so far), and reminds me of my story. Jumping in the river, eternal love, Paris. This is so good to see and know. I appreciate this so much. Thank you for the inspiration.

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